DVM Wood

DVM Wood sawmill was established in 2016 in Novgorod-Syversk, North-East part of Ukraine. The sawmill specializes in Pine timber production. Main timber product groups are: construction timber and pallet/packaging timber. The sawmill consists of two sawlines. One for small diameter logs (12-26cm) disc sawline; another line is bandsaw for big diameter logs (26+cm). The sawmill has modern modular drying chambers for KD18% drying. The drying process is ISPM 15 certified. Another product we produce is S4S timber on Weinig planer.

Timber product basic specifications:

  • Species: Pine (Pinus Sylvestris).
  • Thickness: from 14mm up to 75mm.
  • Width: from 72mm up to 500mm.
  • Length: 3.00m (heavy); some percentage in 2.70/2.40m as trim-off from 3.00m.