Saukas Kudra SIA

Saukas Kudra SIA established in 2006 is a peat extraction and processing company operating in Saukas peat bog which is located in Barkava parish, Madona disctrict, Latvia. Company is specializing in horticulture products production. Both milled and block peat products are offered to customers. Yearly harvest is between 300 000 and 350 000 m3. Factory is fully equipped to produce peat mixtures and peat substrates by individual client requests. We produce both with our own trade mark and for private labels.

Peat products basic specifications:

  • Types: milled peat and block peat.
  • Fractions: 0-5, 0-10, 0-20, 0-40, 10-20, 20-40 and their mixtures.
  • Organic matter: above 97%.
  • Packaging: without packaging, 250 and 300 liter bags, 5.5-6.0 m3 Big Bales.
  • Possible additives: lime, wetting agent, fertilizers, perlite, minerals.